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  1. Ok i fixed it! Now my " add to cart " doesn’t fit into the "box" because it's another code. Any way it fits in?
  2. Hey Tuanphan! There's an error in the RBG " error evaluating function `rgb`: color functions take numbers as parameters "
  3. Amazing! Thanks Tuanphan! The pellet looks is exactly what i was looking for the only thing is they're stacking instead of sliding like it used to.
  4. Site URL: https://www.lesweekendeurs.ca/fr/creer-ma-boite Hey Guys! Im looking to do the same type of " shadow box " we normally do in summary grid but in my product grid list. Any leads? Cheers! Now it's like this: But i look for something like this: ( with the add to cart )
  5. Site URL: https://www.lesweekendeurs.ca/fr/creer-ma-boite Hey guys! Is anybody has a code or knows a way to create pellet color background around category tag on mobile? I did this: But i'm looking for something like this: Thanks Y'all!
  6. Hey Tuan, I've contact the customer service but they didn’t find anything. they don't want to dig more because they think it might be a custom code issue. Any lead of how we can check this? Cheers!
  7. Here it is! https://www.lesweekendeurs.ca/fr/a-propos Thanks 🙏
  8. Hey guys! I've just notice on my regular search that Br/ appears in the meta description on google like this: * I redirected this links earlier this week. Can it be related? Thanks 🙏
  9. Site URL: https://www.lesweekendeurs.ca/ Hey guys! Someone out there know how to change category title in BOLD? + I was wondering if any of you have thoughts about the look of categories title? On mobile you have to slide to see them all - i think " when you have a lot " it's not obvious for the user. What do you do or think about it? Cheers!
  10. Site URL: https://www.lesweekendeurs.ca/ Hey! I add a carousel summary block with some product i sell. I was wondering if there's a way ( for mobile ) slide from right to left with your finger instead of the small arrow? Cheers!
  11. Site URL: https://www.lesweekendeurs.ca/ Hi! I was wondering if anyone know a Squarespace version of the shopify app https://apps.shopify.com/split-partial-payments I’d really like to know know if there's a way to split total order in different ppl. with SQSP Ex: https://split-payment-demo.myshopify.com/cart Cheers!
  12. Site URL: https://www.lesweekendeurs.ca/ Hey Guys! Is there a way to add the live cart total with the icon on navigation bar or any other way to have a live total cart $$ without clicking on the cart?
  13. Hey Tuanphan! Different to every product. In fact it will be small allergies legend icon Just the icon not the text. Just under the name of the item or close to. Not under in " additional information " I want to add the good one for every dishes scenario.
  14. Hey guys! Wondering if there's a way to add small icon in the item description block ? or the only way is in " additional info " under the thumbnail and description ? Cheers! **** Doesn’t need to be clickable or any interaction. just an icon
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