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  1. Site URL: https://www.lesweekendeurs.ca/ Hey! I add a carousel summary block with some product i sell. I was wondering if there's a way ( for mobile ) slide from right to left with your finger instead of the small arrow? Cheers!
  2. Site URL: https://www.lesweekendeurs.ca/ Hi! I was wondering if anyone know a Squarespace version of the shopify app https://apps.shopify.com/split-partial-payments I’d really like to know know if there's a way to split total order in different ppl. with SQSP Ex: https://split-payment-demo.myshopify.com/cart Cheers!
  3. Site URL: https://www.lesweekendeurs.ca/ Hey Guys! Is there a way to add the live cart total with the icon on navigation bar or any other way to have a live total cart $$ without clicking on the cart?
  4. Hey Tuanphan! Different to every product. In fact it will be small allergies legend icon Just the icon not the text. Just under the name of the item or close to. Not under in " additional information " I want to add the good one for every dishes scenario.
  5. Hey guys! Wondering if there's a way to add small icon in the item description block ? or the only way is in " additional info " under the thumbnail and description ? Cheers! **** Doesn’t need to be clickable or any interaction. just an icon
  6. Hey Enjay_nz! have you found something ? i'll be interesting. having the same situation. Cheers! Pierre
  7. Hey Guys! How can we change the product quantity option amount? I would like to start at "2" and going to "4".."6".."8" Cheers! Pierre
  8. Hey Guys! I'M looking to add a delivery time slot on my checkout page. Working this way: IF you place your order from Tuesday X to Monday X you can choose to be deliver Thursday Y ( AM or PM) ) or Friday Y ( AM or PM ) Let me know if there's any integration you know! Cheers! Pierre
  9. Hi Guys! I'm having the same issue but with the image..Huge space between the top bar and the image frame. The code for the text worked perfectly.
  10. Hi! I'm having issues with the alignment of the image and text on the item detail page. It also create a huge space in between the menu bar and the ( text & image ) *only on desktop* Any leads? Cheers!
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