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  1. I am currently designing a site and noticed a small icon I am using appears streteched and blurry when view in mobile. How do I prevent this from "blowing up" when I want it small like I do in the desktop mode? The image size is very small so it shouldn't blow up or anything.
  2. Site URL: https://www.securview.com If you browse different pages on my site, the hero images generally take a little bit of time to load. I see white text, and off white background for a split second. Although I'm technically using a black bold theme, which uses black background color, that doesn't load. If my top section uses a background image as a background, Squarespace ignores the theme color (showing off or regular white), and just waits a tiny bit of time, and loads the image. The style of my site is very contrasty, which makes it more noticable for certain people. I thought, are my images too big? I experimented. Compressed images even more. Didn't make a difference on a few pages. So I don't think image size loading is causing the site to load longer. Some have speculated this could have to do with the way certain browsers load AJAX/javascript from Squarespace. That's probably true. Do I have any control over that? The flash is VERY quick on Mozilla, almost not noticable, but more so on Chrome and Edge. I know if i remove the background image, letting that section just show black, then the section loads immediatly with black and no flash, and there is no problem. But I'd really like to have a background image, because that's the style i want. Anyway to make that happen without the flash? Why is Squarespace choosing to ignore loading the default theme background color I set it to if I have a background image? That must be how the backend is designed or coded. It's like squarespace is saying "Oh hey, since we know you like to use your image background, we can turn off the theme black background." And I would say "But wait, can you leave it on until my image loads, the images take a bit longer to catch up, otherwise it's more obvious?" It's kind of like someone is still putting their shirt on if you decide to use background images as clothing, with no undershirt. I'm asking, why not already have me wearing a black undershirt while i'm putting on the image shirt? Is there anyway to make sure that if a section has a theme black bold or whatever background, and I set it with a background image, to make it load like this: Click On page Theme Background Black with text, then image background ( i mean this is technically what theme is supposed to do and set to this anyway right?) instead of what actually is happening Theme Background Black NOT there but with text, then image back ground
  3. Hmm I had saved my images with "save to web" option on photoshop. My understanding I thought was whatever you uploaded to squarespace, they would optimize the file and compress for you automatically. But i guess theoretically the larger the original file, the larger the compressed version will be? But again, how do i change my background color? If i can't resolve my images, if i have a black flicker instead of a white one, that'd be ideal.
  4. Site URL: https://www.securview.com Hi. On my site when using Chrome or Edge browser, when you jump to different pages there is a slight delay in loading images. For half a second all the text loads but there is a white background on the page. It happens to fast that it's got like a flicker effect. I did some research and it might have to do with how the browser loads the page and any javascript. Personally I can live with it, but my company wanted me to find a solution. If I can't control the speed in which this loads, can i at least change the temporary background color to black to prevent this "flicker" appearance? Is this CSS code or javascript? where do i insert such code? what is the actual code?
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