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  1. Site URL: https://www.sleepycatrec.com/shop-vinyl Hi, I'm testing Shopify embed on my SS site. The products and collections are embedding properly except for the hyperlinks within the product descriptions, which just gray out and disable the site. I depend on description linking for navigation. Anyone else have this issue? In this test the "Libby" link is supposed to route to https://www.sleepycatrec.com/libby-rodenbough. I verified the description from Shopify product manager is using this full link.
  2. Ditto. Moving to Shopify. It's insulting to ask us to input the thousands of sales tax #s manually. May try an interim solution of downgrading my SS subscription and embedding Shopify products, since I value my current design. We'll see though.
  3. Another vote for Pay what want similar to Bandcamp. We've seen about 50% of customers visiting Bandcamp pay up to double the minimum price and would love to have this on our Squarespace store. Inventory tracking component is important as mentioned earlier in this thread.
  4. Site URL: https://www.sleepycatrec.com/shop-admin I'd like to remove the quick view button all together, but keep the action of clicking opening the quick view box. Ideally, I could have a banner behind Product Details and completely hide Quick View Button so there is still a hover effect. If I could get hover to show the second photo AND a product details banner hover that'd be even better! Thanks
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