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  1. Site URL: https://www.ryansmulholland.com/writing/job-guide Does anyone know if there's a way to adjust images on a blog post so that the images span a wider length of the page than my text? I'd like my images to stretch a bit wider, but I'd like my text to remain at the current width. I need to make my images a little bit bigger and would love to find a way to do this without also expanding the text.
  2. Yes! I took the code off my live page because it looked horrible, but I created a sample page here that shows what's going on. https://www.ryansmulholland.com/news-test You can see how the sample header and text has risen all the way above the headers. There is also supposed to be an image in the footer with my footer content and that gets erased as well. I wanted this on my home page. My home page also has a gallery and when I tried this the first time it wiped out my whole gallery.
  3. Site URL: http://ryansmulholland.com I'm trying to use HTML code to insert a Substack signup form on my homepage and in a few other places. When I add a code block, set up the code all is well, but once I save the page it causes an error with the rest of the page. If there are any images on the page those disappear once I save. It also creates a misalignment with the page header where all of the content slides up a bit and overlaps with the header menu. It's as if adding the code to the page overrides something essential to it's function. Has anyone else had success placing a Substack email signup on their page? Looking for some tips.
  4. Site URL: http://ryansmulholland.com I'm using a projects page for my blog posts because I like the layout better. One problem that I'd like to try and work around is that in using the "Grid: Overlay" layout the title either has to start as visible and then disappear or start invisible and then appear as the mouse moves over the project. I'd like the title to remain visible at all times. Any words of advice on this one?
  5. Site URL: http://ryansmulholland.com Bit of a beginner question here, but I can't seem to figure out how to create a page and keep it unpublished while I'm working on getting it going. It may take me a day or two to set up the page and I don't want to have it published while I'm working on it. Any words of advice?
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