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  1. @ChromaticZero @tuanphan Edit: I've solved for it by adding !important to the styling. But is there a smarter way?
  2. @ChromaticZero@tuanphan I've encountered another issue. None of my header stylings appear to be taking priority on interior pages. Take https://www.goodbehavior.co/about for an example. The h2 is being overwritten. This is the css: https://d.pr/i/25gPbo Any ideas?
  3. Thank you kindly @ChromaticZero! Also helps because I was able to use inspect element to learn how you achieved it. You rock.
  4. Site URL: https://www.goodbehavior.co/ Hello everyone. I have added custom fonts to my website and they are working in most instances. https://d.pr/i/MR5CSv However there are two instances where I cannot identify what I need to type in order to style them. I would appreciate any help. 1. The banner on the index page: https://d.pr/i/i11yaJ 2. The hover effect text for project thumbnails: https://d.pr/i/XPgi3k Thank you in advance.
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