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  1. thank you for linking it to the old threat- same old same Question. and it isnt solved yet. apparently my last solution doesnt work any more ( i did do it how i last fix it)- even after swetiching to the english Version I am only offered 7.0 templates. i dint get it- whats the Point of this? why Arent just the 7.1 templates offered on the german site and am i the only one with this Problem?! anyhow, if you can help me find a solution that would be enough
  2. Dear People. I have had this Problem before - and forgot how I solved it (yes ist been a while since I used squarespace). I want to start with a new 7.1 template- but I am only offered 7.0- The issue is that I am logging on the German webist where they simply only offer 7.0 ( why ??). I thought I solved it the last time by changin the language of the Website to English but this doest work. Im grateful for help! thanks
  3. I just figured it out myself- in the German version of the website I am still just offered 7.0 - hence i had to switch the settings to English. This is very confusing and should be mentioned more clearly in the tutorial and descriptions. Thank you for you help!
  4. And how do I know its 7.1? It is so confusion, wheneverI choose one int end up being 7.0
  5. Hi there, I am totally new to Squarespace. So I am currently using the trial version to see if this platform is for me. So i signed up (on the German website) and searched though the templates. After I chose one I was wondering why it was so different to what I read about in terms of handling. Eventually I figured it was 7.0. This was somewhat pushing to me because I can only find 7.0 templates ( and i first need to install them to see that, really annoying) and I even got a link in the webinar where I could supposingly find the 7.1 templates- but its only the 7.0 ones. I even logged out
  6. Hi guys, im totally new to this. I havent build any websites with squarespace and have little experience with other sites. So I am giving ir a try and seem to be failing at the very first steps :'D Sooo im trying to change the colors throughout the template- only that the threat in which this shall be done doesn't seem to be at the spot that the posts and tutorials I have looked at suggest. if I go on design, there, its simply not there. Ill attach a picture. What am I doing wrong?? Thanks in advance, Lis
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