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  1. I'm looking at our proposed site information architecture, and wondering if I need more than one Squarespace account to accomplish the goals.

    Essentially, this is the layout:

    • 3-4 pages of information about the company as a whole (mission, values, contact, etc.)
    • 3-5 sub-department sections (with 10-15 pages each)

    The department sections would have a completely different look/feel than the company section (probably a different template altogether), but the department sections CAN look the same as each other.

    I guess the question boils down to:

    • can I use different templates for different sections of the same website? or, do I need to set up a different account for each section (therefore with it's own controls over look/feel and creating several websites linked together (each with its own account and monthly cost!))?

    Thank you!

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