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  1. Hi Paul, Thanks so much for your advice! We do currently have a form set up for each item to collect information. Inputting the products as services is something I hadn't thought about though - that would help with eliminating the confusion of double address collection. The challenge is when someone orders multiples of the same item, say 8 plants and the form only collects one address (vs 8 separate shipping locations). Perhaps we could just disclaimer the heck out of it asking customers to add items separately to the cart. Our website is STEMSWAG.CO. Let me know if you think of anythin
  2. I have a floral company operating on the Squarespace platform and sometimes customers purchase multiple arrangements going to different addresses all in the same order. For example, for Mother's Day the same customer may order an arrangement for their mom and grandmother, both going to separate addresses, but paid for on the same order. Is there a way to get a separate shipping address per item versus collecting all the shipping information generally at the end? Or is there a way to turn of collecting the shipping address (which we could rather build into a form)? Our overall goal is that we’l
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