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  1. Site URL: http://www.silentseasonmusic.com Hello, I am setting up the shipping details for my store on SquareSpace and need guidance. We're a rock band selling physical cds and t-shirts and receive many orders from the U.S. and internationally. 1) Understanding SquareSpace only calculates rates for the U.S., can I use the 'USPS Real-Time Fates' functionality along with the weight or flat-rate feature for all other countries? I'm trying to get a sense on how businesses handle shipping for both domestic and international orders? Thanks, David
  2. That is correct. I know we would need to generate responsive code to cover mobile devices.
  3. Looks like percentages are working. Unfortunately, the background is not working responsively for me. David
  4. Hi tuanphan, Thanks for the additional code as it worked out perfectly! How can I control the size of the background? As you can see it's zoomed in if you visit www.silentseasonmusic.com Should I make a change to the original background file or include size percentages in my code? Best, David
  5. Hi tuanphan, We're getting close here - www.silentseasonmusic.com All I need now is to fix the picture size (Can we add dimensions to the size tag?), and make sure the image extends to the navigation and footer. Thanks for all of the help! David
  6. Hi tuanphan, I referenced the sample CSS from an instructional video on SquareSpace. I'm not very experienced with CSS, as I am more involved with HTML only. Yes, I would like to add this background image to the whole page. Thanks, David
  7. Can you screenshot the location that we can drop the css that you're speaking of? I went to the Welcome/Home pages and advanced and dropped the code in each CSS section. Still not seeing the background change. Thanks, David
  8. Hi tuanphan, I added the style tags as recommended and I couldn't get the background to show - <style> #code { background-image: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5e8e444d060d9c69061aab33/t/5eaf32a6437a4e57ef531b06/1588540071899/silent-season-background.png); } </style> Note: I am adding this code to the 'Custom CSS' area within the platform. Website is https://www.silentseasonmusic.com Thanks, David
  9. Hello All, I'm looking to customize the full background of my current template 'Horizon'. I added the following CSS to my Homepage, but I am not seeing the image appear: #code { background-image: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5e8e444d060d9c69061aab33/t/5eaf32a6437a4e57ef531b06/1588540071899/silent-season-background.png); } I'm seeing that SquareSpace does not allow custom code on cover pages. Are they considering index.html/home a cover page? Any help here is greatly appreciated. Thanks, David
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