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  1. Site URL: http://www.travelbusinessdad.uk Hey everyone, I am totally confused. I had an old squarespace site with sebastianlefeuvre.co.uk I've tried to change the domain to travelbusinessdad.uk but now there are two domains. Secondly, I now seem to have 5 websites? And one paid website? Finally, the blog templates come up with errors on the main page. Help is appreciated! I am supposed to be launching my blog this weekend and it is not working for me haha. Thank you!!
  2. If you’re using a Squarespace Domain, you can also keep using a third-party email service by adding your email's MX records to your domain settings. To learn more, visit Advanced DNS settings. I figured it out! Thank you so much! There's one more thing: I've shared it on my facebook, but is there a way of having a bespoke text with it? Rather than a what it says on the website on a text box waaay down the page?
  3. Okay so, I've just been on the phone with Fasthosts. They said I need to change the mail server in squarespace and the MX record to fasthosts which I've been given. Would you know how to do that? Haha
  4. I think it may be a Fasthost issue then. I changed the form and put my personal email down, and I'm now receiving emails. And with the fasthosts one: info@sebastianlefeuvre.co.uk, I'm not. Thank you for the kind response!
  5. Site URL: http://sebastianlefeuvre.co.uk Hello, so: My emailing system is held with fasthosts, as is my domain. So I've transferred the domain to my website, but now I'm trying to sort out the emails. My contact sheet doesn't send to info@sebastianlefeuvre.co.uk (fasthosts) but it also isn't sending to my personal email: seb.lefeuvre@hotmail.co.uk What can I do? And secondly, how can I use my emails with square space?
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