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  1. Site URL: http://www.intotheblackpines.com Hi and thank you in advance! I am wondering if it is possible to change the layout of product images on my home screen? they are side by side on desktop view but on mobile it of course stacks them one of top of the other. I am fine with the first two product images on my website but can someone please tell me if its possible or help me with the LAST two product images at the very bottom of the homepage. I would like to have them side by side on mobile view. Please and thanks!
  2. Site URL: http://www.intotheblackpines.com When in a product page on desktop view, the only way to navigate through the product photos is to actually click on them under the main photo. But in Mobile, you just swipe sideways on the image to navigate through the photos. I remember there was arrows to the side of the photo and the (1/5) to the top right of the photo when in desktop view, so that you could click on the arrow and navigate through the photos, but now they're not there. Also , in mobile, the (1/5) does appear, but it appears in white and some of my products have a white background
  3. Yes @tuanphan Im sorry I forgot! here it it, the password to the site is jogajh89 https://www.intotheblackpines.com/cart
  4. Hi, in my empty shopping cart it says "you have nothing in your shopping cart. Continue Shopping" the continue shopping is actually a link and it takes you to the store part of the site. But it is the same color and font as the previous sentence. My first instinct isnt to click on it. Is there any way to change the color of it, or to underline it at least so it looks like a link? Thanks!
  5. @ChromaticZero hey thank so much man!! looks great!
  6. Hey @ChromaticZero! thank you! it didn't work for me 😕 I actually added the prev and next buttons and I like it, if you have time to check out the site on your phone could you take a look and see if there would be a way to add the (featured art gallery > title of work) that you see on the left hand side of each product on desktop, on top of the prev > next that now appears on your phone above the product? Thank you so much for your time
  7. Site URL: https://www.intotheblackpines.com/featuredcollection Hi Im finiding it hard to navigate between a product and the previous page in mobile. On the desktop if you are on the product there is a "Back to" text and then the > Product title. In mobile it goes away, I added a link at the bottom of the page to go back to all products but if you don't scroll all the way down you don't see it and I don't want people to have to hit the back button each time they want to look at another product, I also don't want prev or next link, help please!? The password to access website is jogajh89 th
  8. Cant thank you enough, perfect!
  9. Site URL: http://www.intotheblackpines.com Hello @tuanphan, Im sure youre tired of the same question but Im also having trouble reading your code on youtube and honestly having a hard time figuring out the elements in my page to add the css. Id like two columns in all three pages of my shop folder instead of the one column. Can you or anyone please help thank you! password to view website is jogajh89
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