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  1. @brandon thanks so much, this has worked! You've been a lifesaver thankyou 🙂
  2. Hi @brandon, I had the captions working while my site was unpublished. I have now published it live on a 'Personal' subscription level, and its taken the descriptions off. For any coding it says I need to upgrade to atleast the 'Business' level of subscription. Is there a way around this? Or can this only be done at the Business level and about? Website: www.themissingpodcast.com
  3. Hi @brandon I have entered the description but its only showing the image names. https://krill-iguana-d93r.squarespace.com/ The site isn't live yet, pw: themissing You'll see the slideshow near the bottom, with some of the pictures showing their file name (they all have file names but some of the photos cover up the name if they're bigger than the other images). I could even give you access to my site if that would help get it working? I am desperate. Thanks
  4. Hi @brandon, I can't seem to get this right, even though your demo shows its do-able. I have copy and pasted both codes and put them on my website. No descriptions are coming up, but I am getting the text of what I saved the photos as, see example attached. Is it just as simple as copy and pasting the two codes? Or do I need to edit the code to match my website? I only have one gallery in use (which is a simple slideshow), so I thought it would automatically apply to it. Any help appreciated, thanks.
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