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  1. Good job! Note that tuanphan's option is the only one working with the personal billing plan. Brad's option requires javascript, which you can only be inserted with a Business plan. tuanphan's option can be adapted so it only require css. Just add a Quote Block somewhere in the page, instead of in the Header.
  2. I have sent Squarespace a request and linked to this thread. Let's see what they say... In the meantime, there is a workaround. It is far from perfect, but it might help some people. 1) Insert a "Code block". As a first step you can leave it with just the default "Hello world". 2) Inspect the existing element (tool available at least in Chrome & Firefox when right-clicking on an element). 3) In the inspector, select the complete block you want to duplicate. 4) Right-click > copy Outer HTML 5) Paste in the Code block you inserted in step 1. Any further modifications to the new blocks will have to be done by coding though...
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