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  1. So I adapted your code to the following, it seems to work now! .image-block *:focus { outline: none ; } Thank you!
  2. Hello tuanphan! Thanks for your reply. I tried this in custom CSS and the outline has turned from blue to gray, but is still there. Strange! Do you have any other ideas? Thanks! Rachael
  3. Hi! Thanks for you reply. I don't see anywhere in site styles where image blocks can be tweaked. There is just 'outer padding' and 'sidebar padding' but nothing specific to the images. Any other ideas for solving this problem are appreciated! Thanks, Rachael
  4. Site URL: https://www.rachaelwoodson.com/ Hello! I am having trouble finding information on removing the light blue border that appears when inline image blocks are clicked on. These images are set to open in lightbox mode, but the blue border remains after exiting out of the lightbox view. Any ideas on how to remove this unwanted border site-wide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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