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  1. Ok so I can fix it by increasing the line height in mobile but then it moves it too far down in desktop view. I'm also using a 7.1 template so there's no "site styles" section, just design options. Thanks
  2. Can anyone help me find where to adjust the height of the "works" page list, especially on mobile? Right now it's too high and overlapping the header section. I'm using the Hawley template.
  3. I'm using a 7.1 template—Hawley. Someone else actually had the same question that was answered but I found a new problem. I want the "works" menu on the page (not the nav) to be black and then white on hover. I'm using this code and it works BUT the words are actually white when you first get to the page and then change to black after you hover over them for the first time, after which they stay black and then change white on hover.
  4. enochliu, the code tuanphan gave you is correct but switch it around I was trying to do the same thing. thanks tuanphan! edit: it's still not perfect though. the menu stays white by default until you hover over the items for the first time, then they turn black with white on hover
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