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  1. @derricksrandomviews I've been trying that blogs' instructions but unfortunately it hasn't worked for me! Creating a new page and adding an image to be the banner doesn't make it show up on the page. I also don't if its the Template, but on Avenue I haven't been able to add sections to pages which I know would be another route. Are you able to add sections to pages?
  2. Site URL: https://www.allegragonzalezabreu.com/ I would like to add sections to some of my pages so I can target those sections and change background colors of parts of my page and things like that. For some reason at the bottom of the list of my pages, I only see the option to add a page, not a section. I've uploaded a screenshot that shows what I see. Thanks!
  3. Oh right! Thank you, but I actually want to change the color of the top of the page, not the header! As you can see in this screenshot I changed the header background color to a dark grey, but I want to change the top of the page with the large text that I've highlighted in red! Thanks for being so responsive!
  4. What If I am unable to add sections? I don't know how since I only see the option to add a page, not a section
  5. Thank you! For some reason it says there is a syntax error on line 1. I pasted it to the custom CSS but I'm not sure what you mean by the header code injection. Will this work if I am unable to create sections on my page? I've attached screenshots.
  6. Thanks for answering! What If I don't want to change the whole background color, only a part of the page?
  7. Site URL: https://www.allegragonzalezabreu.com/designwork#/catena/ I want to change the background color of the top part of this page included in the screenshot. I am unable to add a section to my page so I can't figure out how to do this. I want the background of the rest of this page to be white but only this top part to be a different color.
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