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  1. I'm simply trying to change the color of the background of the blog posts to white and the text to black, without changing the background or text of the homepage or any other page.
  2. Thank you but if you look at my first post, you will see that the issue I am encountering after a month unbelievably, is that when I change the color of a post, they all change and so does the color homepage. If I change the color of the homepage, the color of the posts change etc. The color change happens site wide. There is no "manage posts", only the pencil and then format / colors option.
  3. Thank you. As far as submitting a background image, I guess my template does not allow this, as the option is not available on any page, other than the home page. Even on the home page, it only allows you to take up the top block of the page with a background image. If I use that code, what will happen to my text on said page, as I am sure it will no longer be visible?
  4. Hey everyone. I am having trouble with the background color of my site. I was just recently informed that with 7.1 you can no longer have say, blog pages be one color and the home page / landing page be another color. So when I change one, the other changes also. I was wondering if anyone has a fix for this issue.
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