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  1. Hi! I wish to remove the carousel arrows from the product images. Does anyone have any code for this? Thanks, Jennie
  2. Hi! I am looking for someone to customise a members area (paid). I want to able to log in each member area what videos they have watched as the member areas only provided videos for them to watch. Thanks, Jennie
  3. Site URL: https://azalea-moose-3s59.squarespace.com Hi! Is there a way or CSS I can use to change the membership buttons to my custom font? Thanks, Jennie
  4. @paul2009 I believe they may have removed this unless you are on the following platforms 😡 https://developer.paypal.com/docs/business/pay-later/commerce-platforms/
  5. @tuanphan ok i changed it to Lato then changed it back via the css to the imported font. Is that what you mean?
  6. @tuanphan sorry do you mean change the font completely? x
  7. @tuanphan Sorry try https://sprout-guava-7b2t.squarespace.com/ Thanks! x
  8. @tuanphan Thank you! I have added in all kids of stuff to try and drop the video down in mobile so there are text boxes above it that are hidden by the header to try and bring the video down. I have used the following css which works but not for tablets. Do you know a solution? Thanks! x @media screen and (max-width: 767px) { section[data-section-id="601c4230200417376802df97"] { margin-top: 100px; } }
  9. @tuanphan could you help me with my problem please as it is similar to this. When I add the announcement bar it is fine on desktop but for mobile it pushes the navigation down and covers my content in the first section https://sprout-guava-7b2t.squarespace.com Thanks, Jennie
  10. @tuanphan thank you! https://sprout-guava-7b2t.squarespace.com/ Password - LewisFF Also do you know how we can move the video down on the mobile version so it does not get cut off by the header? x
  11. @tuanphan Of course https://sprout-guava-7b2t.squarespace.com/config/design/custom-css password - LewisFF
  12. Hi! I have implemented a custom font however on a PC the e's seem to be cut off (pic attached) has anyone experienced this or know how to correct? Mac seems perfect. Thanks, Jennie
  13. @tuanphan sorry to chase just wondered if you were able to help on this?
  14. @tuanphan sorry do you know how to change the size? Thanks
  15. Thank you that worked fab! Cant seem to change the size though what code would you use @tuanphan
  16. Fab thanks @tuanphan it is https://sprout-guava-7b2t.squarespace.com/
  17. Hi! I need to change the monospace font to the customers font we have implemented. Please can someone let me know what CSS I could use for this? Thanks, Jennie
  18. Sorry @tuanphan I have tried that and it doesn't change the button in the header menu. Could you help on that please? x
  19. Hi! I have uploaded a custom font is there a css I can use to change all buttons throughout the site? Thanks, Jennie
  20. @paul2009 are you sure? I just run a test on a clients ss site and when I selected PayPal to pay and logged in etc I was offered the following ways to pay?
  21. Have any of you looked into the PayPal pay in 3 feature it was new in October last year I believe. if you have paypal as an option they can select to pay using their card, PayPal credit and the new pay in 3 which is just like Klarna but for over £45 and up to £2,000.
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