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  1. Thank you that worked fab! Cant seem to change the size though what code would you use @tuanphan
  2. Fab thanks @tuanphan it is https://sprout-guava-7b2t.squarespace.com/
  3. Hi! I need to change the monospace font to the customers font we have implemented. Please can someone let me know what CSS I could use for this? Thanks, Jennie
  4. Sorry @tuanphan I have tried that and it doesn't change the button in the header menu. Could you help on that please? x
  5. Hi! I have uploaded a custom font is there a css I can use to change all buttons throughout the site? Thanks, Jennie
  6. @paul2009 are you sure? I just run a test on a clients ss site and when I selected PayPal to pay and logged in etc I was offered the following ways to pay?
  7. Have any of you looked into the PayPal pay in 3 feature it was new in October last year I believe. if you have paypal as an option they can select to pay using their card, PayPal credit and the new pay in 3 which is just like Klarna but for over £45 and up to £2,000.
  8. Hi! Does anyone know or is anyone allowing customers to use the PayPal pay in 3 (there new buy now pay later) product? I had a client wanting to implement the shopify lite buttons just to use Klarna but if the Paypal option is possible on SS then that’s amazing! Thank you!
  9. Site URL: https://cello-brass-ypxp.squarespace.com Hi, I wish to remove the add to cart button on some products and replace with a button that links to the contact page. Is that possible? Thank you
  10. Thank you how do I do this? @bangank36
  11. Site URL: https://www.rainelondon.com Hi! I am looking to have the number of trees planted number go up by 12 trees every month automatically. Is this possible? Section is on the home page at the bottom above the instagram feed. https://www.rainelondon.com Thanks, Jennie
  12. @tuanphan Yes of course so on the home page banner I just want the typewriter effect tot type the sentence When daytime feels like playtime! Then stay on screen. If we could have a coloured highlight as it types too that would be fab. Link to site below. https://bassoon-bamboo-bnmy.squarespace.com Password - Paw
  13. @tuanphan is there a way we can use this but just so it types one line and doesn't delete just stays on screen? Also need it to show properly on mobile view. Thanks,
  14. @tuanphan under the price like the desktop version 😊
  15. @tuanphan this works perfect on desktop and I managed to change to left alight in shopify but on mobile it shows in-between the product name and price, do you know why this could be? Thank you
  16. @tuanphan Yes the text which sits above the products so earrings necklaces ear cuffs etc
  17. @tuanphan of course https://raine-london.squarespace.com/shopraine/aurora Raine1
  18. @tuanphan don't worry we have sorted this. We just need help with the add to cart button location which I have tagged you in on another thread 😊
  19. Site URL: https://raine-london.squarespace.com Hi! Is it possible to change the font size on the store categories at the top? Thanks, Jennie
  20. @tuanphan I wish to have the card button on every page. At the moment it only appears when you are on page that has a product for sale. I have put the buy button code in the footer code injection as mentioned above but the code you provided above does not hide it, I want it hidden so you cannot see it in the footer.
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