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  1. I think I only need a part of a css code to fix this problem because it's a css code. The page with this issue works perfect with aligment except this part because of the css code I have added. See this code: there is missing a standard text like : text; align or simular text to fix this. Only I don't know where or what text there is missing in the code to make the text centered. <h3 ><span class="highlight">logodesign </span></h3> <h3 ><span class="highlight">visitekaartjes</span></h3> <h3><span class="highlight">stationerydesign</span></h3>
  2. Hi, my site is not public yet because I am still working on it. Please let me know what you exactly need to help me with this issue. Thks in advance!
  3. Site URL: https://sphere-cuboid-rczs.squarespace.com/config/pages I have used a code ( see below) to highlight a text. This code I added to a codeblock. Only the text will not align to the center, it stays on the left. Does anyone know how to fix this? <h3 ><span class="highlight">logodesign </span></h3> <h3 ><span class="highlight">visitekaartjes</span></h3> <h3><span class="highlight">stationerydesign</span></h3>
  4. Hi! Hope anyone can help me with to find a solution for my product package/price bundle .... tried many options but still they didn't solve my 'problem'. In my shop I want to sell carts and stationery. What I hope to achieve is that there is a way to make a dropdown menu for a quantity bundle which increase also the price. Example quantity starts with 25 pc > € 50, 50 pc> € 60, 75 pc> €70, etc etc. Squarespace counts only 1 product price ( example € 2,00 x 75 pc and multiply this to € 150,00 instead of my bundle price of € 70,00) Is there some way I can add a plugin or css code? Really hope someone can help me. In the attachments 2 examples of existing shop pages and the last is my shoppage. Hope this will clearify my issue. Best wishes Danielle Quote Edit
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