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  1. thank you for your quick reply. I did what you said, Now it looks like this, the logo is higher and the padding stayed. Is there any other way to add a logo over banner on mobile? thank you in advance
  2. when I change the logo position to bottom-center the padding disappears, but so does the logo
  3. there is no padding anymore on preview, but it's still there if I check it on my phone. it's lotushome.eu and the password is lotushome123
  4. Hello, I am creating a website and I would like my logo to be on top of the banner image on the mobile version as well. I tried to use the codes of this website https://www.mcdigitaldesign.com.au/news/squarespace-brine-mobile-header/ but there is still some padding on top (please see the image attached). Is there any other way to do this? I've attached the desktop version too, I would like to achieve the same effect. Thank you in advance
  5. I removed this code from header in advanced code injection <style> html.sr .sqs-block { visibility: hidden; } </style> and it worked.
  6. I mean; I can, but I don't see anything what I do before I click save and reload the page
  7. Site URL: https://www.studioheavenly.com Hello, It's been 3 days that I can't edit my site. I can click on edit, but then when it zooms in all the content becomes invisible, so I can't really edit my site. I tried different browsers and computers. Is this a squarespace issue? I uploaded a picture, I can add spacers etc. But I cannot see them on edit mode.
  8. It worked, thank you so much.
  9. Thank you for your reply. here it is
  10. Site URL: https://www.studioheavenly.com Hello, Is there any way to get rid of that tiny padding on the top left of the second pic? I adjusted it in the site styles to the minimum, but this is just not going away. I don't have the same problem on my home page (attached the 2 pics).
  11. Thanks, I added it and I fixed it! It is a squarespace font, but I was using it on custom css. I guess that's why it didn't work until I assigned it.
  12. Yes the one for inquire. I didn't declare it.. it's like that for all CTA buttons. The form button is OK. What code should I use to fix it? On my phone and my husband's it's not commuters sans. But when I look at it on my squarespace on my computer (mobile view) I see commuters sans (that's what I want)
  13. Site URL: https://www.studioheavenly.com Hello, I am having a problem with the CTA buttons. Different fonts are showing on mobile version and screen version. When I look at in a mobile version mode on my computer the font looks great, but it is different when I actually look at my website on my own phone. I tried everything, really looked closely at my custom css but there is nothing. The font I want is commuters sans. Thank you for looking into it.
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