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  1. Hi @Mikko Not sure if this is of any use to you but I believe this doesn't work with EVERY template. I am using Boutique and it definitely works on that one. I just put the CSS in the style sectionand the descriptions appear underneath. It might be worth trying it on a different template if the hover is an absolute necessity for your site (which it was for me). I do realise this may not be an option if you need one particular template though. I'm really sorry I couldn't be of further help but unfortunately I'm an absolute beginner with regards to CSS.
  2. Just wanted to add that as I'm working on my site and it's all over the place at the min, have had to take it back off public view. If you (or anyone that can help) specifically needs to see the gallery to help with this coding, please let me know and am happy to make it public again :) Thanks
  3. Just spotted that Mikko kindly shared the CSS for a hover used on their gallery. .sqs-gallery-design-grid-slide:hover { background-image: url(----); background-size: 100% 100% !important; }.sqs-block-content .image-slide-anchor:hover img { display: none; } Is it a case of replacing the background image url with the css that tells it to read the image title of each pic, so you then get a text hover instead of an image change? Have tried to learn some CSS to try and change the above coding so it works for my gallery, but I'm not having much luck unfortunately.
  4. I have a gallery grid and am wanting to find a way of being able to hover over each thumbnail and it shows an id number for each picture. It shows the ID number on the rollover when I click and the lightbox enlarges the image, but ideally would like it to show on the gallery thumbnails also using hover. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just two words of text to show over each picture when hovering. I have NO experience with CSS (but am happy to give it a try!) so if anyone can help, please make it as simple as you can :) Could you also please let me know if the code would ALL go into the
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