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  1. Site URL: http://chrysalis-raccoon-dytj.squarespace.com/ Is there a way to have a popup ask if the customer wants to continue shopping or go to checkout page after hitting "add to cart" on an item? OR if thats to complicated is there a way to redirect the user automatically to the check out page after hitting "add to cart" instead of staying on the same page? http://chrysalis-raccoon-dytj.squarespace.com/ pass: test
  2. Site URL: http://chrysalis-raccoon-dytj.squarespace.com/gallery-1 So I created a new page and used the "Gallery" section and I'm noticing the image description is not showing up on the actual page. There seems to be an option when insert the images for a description but no option to make it viewable in the gallery grid. Is there a code or something where I can make the individual's description show up under the image in the grid? password to page: "test"
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