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  1. Thanks Paul for your reply, please see details of my website : Version 7.0- family Brine (Clay model) . I don't need a multi-currency because , my market will be only focused in France. i've fixed the issue on the category menu with CSS implementation but when you're going too a product sheet and selecting a specific version of the product ( as a different color ie ) , i'm faced to the following issue : €2.990,00€ and the desire format is 2 990,00€ CURRENT ONE EXPECTED ONE Do you think that's could be fixed ? Thanks a lot and #stayhealthy Aurel.
  2. Hi everybody, hope that all community is safe during this period. I’m based in France and work on the redesign of my dad’s website specialized in Piano, accordion business . I’ve got an issue related to currency . Indeed basically Squarespace display price in this format : €1,050.25 and in France legally we’re not using the comma to split thousand . Moreover currency symbol must be display on this way : 1050,25€ Any smart people got some tips or code injection that could support me ...I’m starting to be annoyed to pay 💰 this great solution but can’t be able to launch the website ..:) thanks a lot and #stayathome
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