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  1. Only kind of- i have built out the new product pages in unlinked pages, but I still need to edit all of the photos and thumbnails to get it to look uniform. There will be lots more inventory added. How much would code cost to get it added to the product pages so “add to cart” automatically is beneath?
  2. @tuanphanYou are amazing!!! Truly. Thank you!
  3. I have attached the screenshots for www.thebagboyz.com
  4. Hi there- I tried to fix it again. I can't get the search icon to work - I sent you an admin invite for the site. It did not add an icon in the navigation with a link to the search page, (preferably next to the cart). I have a search "button" there now, but I want the icon. Instead whatever I did messed with the search bar within the search page. I will of course compensate you for your time- I hope its an easy fix!
  5. @tuanphan https://goldfish-synthesizer-lgnn.squarespace.com/baby-1 or https://www.thebagboys.com/baby-1. I can't get products to go more than 3 across otherwise the "add to cart" button is smooshed, and I think the only way to get them all uniform-looking is to edit each individual picture. I am leaning toward just paying someone to do the "add to cart" Custom CSS on the product pages instead because this is a headache, any advice?
  6. @tuanphan is there a way to use a cropping handle with product blocks? (Its a super pain to make all of the products be uniform when I insert them on a product block onto a page? So far I am having to edit each image and change their thumbnails to get it to look a little better.)
  7. Hey there! Thanks @tuanphan. I tried: .sqs-search-page-input { background-image: url https://www.thebagboyz.com//s/magnifyingglass.png !important; } Into the design>custom CSS and it doesn't seem to be working. Sorry! I am a failure. Any advice? Or did I screw it up? (First I saved the image, inserted it as a file onto my not-linked section).
  8. Hi there! @Contz I love your site- how were you able to change your header- do you have 7.1? Right now I have a "search" button but I want a magnifying glass connecting people to to the /search page... (ideally I would like a search bar embedded but it sounds like from reading other posts in the forum that isn't doable with 7.1.) @tuanphan would these codes work for my site too? Do i put them in settings>advanced>code injection or in the Custom CSS? Or is there a way to change my (button) to an image? Thanks!!! www.thebagboyz.com
  9. @TuanPhan, I have a similar question. Is there a way to add the "add to cart" buttons below each product (there is no button to the right so I am assuming the code you listed will not work) ? https://www.thebagboyz.com/boxeddinner. If not, what's the easiest way to do this?
  10. Did you ever figure this out? Your site looks great and I see that you have the "add to cart" buttons below. How did you do it?
  11. Site URL: http://www.thebagboyz.com I need to make the scheduling block embed within the checkout page, OR embed it onto the form at checkout, OR redirect to scheduler after checkout, OR force the site to first go through scheduling page before checkout. Anything before payment would probably make the user experience a great one... It just has to prompt the customer in a seamless way. Whichever is easier on the backend but still allows me to tweak the Scheduling every once in a while... I am helping a client build essentially a (shipt/instacart to a very small microarea) and we have to be able to deliver (with rules) and add tip-- both for which the Acuity Scheduler accomodates. Right now my custom form has scheduling times for a customer to choose from that doesn't work well, but it doesn't have the constraints that I need like the Scheduler does.
  12. Site URL: http://www.thebagboyz.com Is there a way to auto-hide out of stock inventory? I would rather not have the product displayed, rather than show "out of stock."
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