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  1. Okay, it looks like "General" is a default title on the SEO tab, so hopefully this will fix all pages.
  2. Unfortunately, it isn't in the page title. Here is one of them that shows as "General 1":
  3. Site URL: http://www.kerganedwards-stout.com Not sure if this is a coding issue, but when my site is viewed in a browser, instead of the browser tab just saying the site name, on certain pages, it says "General 1", "General 4," etc. Other pages appear normal. Also, when I post a URL onto Facebook, for example, the "General 1" etc shows up in the link as well. Any idea how to remove these??? Thanks in advance!
  4. Okay--ignore. It took a moment, but it let me type in it finally. THANK YOU!
  5. I tried doing as you suggested but it won't even allow me to highlight the default. I'm wondering if I should try another browser...
  6. I've now made my site public. You can see on the blog page that the title of the post doesn't show up: https://www.kerganedwards-stout.com/news When you click READ MORE and go to the actual post, you can see the post: https://www.kerganedwards-stout.com/news/3seclnrufg14wqdjtxfm86lx2tvnt3 But as noted originally, when I go into the template to add a new post, while I can see the area which says ENTER A POST TITLE, I'm unable to click on that field and enter one. The work around is to add my own title to the post, but then that title doesn't show up in blog listings. Any advice would be appreciated!
  7. Site URL: https://chinchilla-pentagon-dyaf.squarespace.com/config/design My site isn't yet published, but I'm having an issue with blog titles. I imported my old WP site blog posts over to SquareSpace with no problem. Blog post titles show up in the right spot. However, when creating new blog posts in SquareSpace, I'm unable to type where it says "Enter Post Title"... There is no option to enter a title. (see first image) While I'm able to do a workaround, using the main copy section and selecting Heading 1 to that text, what happens when the new post is published? Will the workaround title show up as a blog post title preview (second image at bottom), when people are scrolling through the posts? Any way to fix so I'm able to enter titles where they should go? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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