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  1. Hi all, could you describe what productivity tips did you use and how you proceeded when copying you blogpasts when moving to 7.1 ? MAny thanks Antoine
  2. Hi, as many of you I am using 3rd party code (Typeform for my site) I had some issues with code not loading when navigating internally in the menu to the page where the code was supposed to load. It was working well with reloading the page, but not an acceptable solution ! - There were some tips including disabling ajax (which is the repsonsible) but with major drawbacks regarding sitespeed - i found a great solution here : https://read.compassofdesign.com/typeform-squarespace-2e08bdf05113 Thanks Juliane Bone and Compass of design Which is very simple : move the page
  3. many many thanks Chris ! The last sites I created on SS were before 2018 when SS was putting a personal name in the built in domain.
  4. Dear All, I have 3 SS sites and I want to create a new one in order to switch to 7.1, mainly for sitesspeed. In the creation process, I am only asked the template choice and then the site is created, without questionning the site desired name and URL A very weird url is then created that i never chose .. Did you ever had something similar happen ? Do you have any recommendation ? Best
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