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  1. Hey folks, I operate an SEO agency in Los Angeles that specializes in Squarespace SEO. We help our clients' websites rank well for local and global terms, and we use creative content strategy to grow relevant traffic & brands' search visibility. All of our Squarespace client sites rank at the top of search results for their primary keywords. We also moved our agency site from Wordpress to Squarespace earlier this year - primarily to prove that Squarespace sites can rank very well nationally. I'm looking forward to helping folks understand the Squarespace platform's ability to rank well based on our expertise!
  2. It won't happen naturally for a while because the site has no authority, and thus it rarely gets crawled by search engines. Set up Google Search Console and submit the home page URL in the Inspect URL field - that should get Google's attention within a couple of days.
  3. The site is indexed - it simply isn't ranking for the name. It needs relevant, appropriate links in order to rank for the author's name.
  4. Having the option within the WYSIWYG editor to set the appropriate rel= info is actually very important. The rel=nofollow and rel=sponsored attributes play a critical role for Google. We love the Squarespace platform, but this simple option missing is a significant problem.
  5. It may takes days (and sometimes weeks) before Google recrawls and reindexes your pages with the new title & description. The greater the authority of your site, the more often it'll get crawled and the new info displayed in search results.
  6. While fast load times are good, their importance is exaggerated. Run any of your top-ranked competitors through Google's Page Speed Insights tool and I bet you'll see they receive poor grades too. Focus on backlinks, useful content, and building your brand's online presence. It'll help your site far more than anything you can do in regards to speed optimization.
  7. Google won't ban your site - it simply won't rank the pages with thin content.
  8. @ThompsonWebDesign can you provide an example of a robust menu built with your plugin? I'd like to test it to see how it's rendered by search engines.
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