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  1. Hi, Using Brine, how do you center the content (title, meta, excerpt, button) of list blog posts? Currently it is all shifted towards the top. Also, is there a way to create a space between the thumbnail and the blog list background box? Thank you! UPDATE: I have custom CSS and java on the site, and can adjust within there as needed. Just don't know what code to add. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am trying to adjust specific sections within a portfolio sub-page on 7.1. The only element in the section is a single full-bleed image. The problem is that instead of a 'collection-id' being listed at the top of the big blue copy block, there is only an 'item id'. Is there CSS for adjusting this? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I am frustrated with this also. Question, did you upgrade to a Business or Commerce plan to be able to use this code? <style> a[href="/portfolio/page-url"] { display: none; } </style>
  4. Hi, I am frustrated with this also. Question, did you upgrade to a Business or Commerce plan to be able to use this code?
  5. Thanks Tuanphan. I tried putting the code in and the header shows the code and the 'portfolio' section remains. Did I put it in the wrong place? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks Tuanphan! I'm sorry I didn't see that you had responded. The challenge is that I want my 'work' portfolio to be its own tab that people access from the navigation bar. There would just be a work sample on the home page that clicks through to that specific portfolio sub-page. So, the portfolio collection can't be on the home page. I did find one work around was adding a gallery image block and then I link through to the specific portfolio page. It doesn't have the nice rollover effect of a portfolio, but it does work. And I have a new problem now, I started with the Tepito template and it has the home page as a portfolio. I deleted the content, but it leaves a blank space that I can't delete - there is no trashcan option. Any thoughts on how to remove it? Thanks in advance! abikellyhidden.squarespace.com password: hello
  7. Is there any work around to have a few 'featured' sub-pages from the portfolio section on the home page? I don't want my entire portfolio on the home page, but I do want to showcase a few, but when clicked on I want them to go to the case study within the 'work' section. I've found a work around that links through to the Work master page, but not to the specific case study. Thank you!
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