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  1. Site URL: https://astroloteez.com Hi We want to put the add to cart and select size underneath the price (not underneath description) Is that possible? Shop is edited
  2. Hey again, its here: https://www.astroloteez.com/astroshop Password is password Thanks!
  3. I have tried to figure this out but cannot, attached screenshot of the closest I can get (which is a failure) Basically I want the 'select' option button to be the same width, dimensions, same font size, centered text, etc as the 'add to cart' button. This is the code I used to customize it as it looks below but ther must be a simple way of doing this to make both buttons the same (I know the select size button is not the same width as add to cart below, I can do that, but could never get the border width or font the same) .variant-option * { background-color:#fff; text-tran
  4. Beer sent! Thanks again for the added code, I spent ages and could not get it working. Brilliant!
  5. Thank you very much that is amazing help, exactly what I was looking for! Really appreciate it. Do you have a 'buy me a beer link' link?! I wonder could I ask you one final thing - how to align that content with the image:
  6. Sure it's here: https://www.astroloteez.com/astroshop/capricorn Password is password
  7. Is it possible to move ADD TO CART and any selection drop down buttons (and description), to the bottom (2.png) of the product image, rather than to the right (1.png)? This is always how it displays on mobile, and also when you minimize the web browser window to a certain point, these buttons and description all go from the right, to beneeath the product images. I would like this to be always the case. On the below screenshots you see what I mean - the first one has all the details on the right, second one is minimized and how I want the product pages to always display on all browser
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