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  1. Hi @tuanphan! I actually mean on my main site. It looks ok-ish right now because I have my logo width increased to the absolute maximum (320), but it's still not as large as I want it. The original setting of 55 is absolutely micro, and when I upload larger file sizes for the logo it doesn't change the size on the site at all.
  2. Site URL: https://alishatrahmsphotography.com Hi there! I'm currently attempting to style a PNG logo which I've created to replace the default site title I'd been using. When I upload (even large files) an apply the file, the image is incredibly tiny, so I go to the Heading - Branding section and increase the logo width all the way up and it is still smaller than I'd like. I've tried cropping the PNG closer to the actual text before exporting from Photoshop, increasing the file size, trying a JPG type instead, decreasing the element spacing (both vertical and horizontal) down to almost nothi
  3. Site URL: https://alisha-trahms.squarespace.com/introduction I am using the Foster template and am looking for code to adjust the position of text on posters top to bottom. I've found several places on the inter webs where people talk about left-right justification (which is already available in the style editor), and top-bottom justification for banners, but nothing much for top-bottom justification for posters. Does anyone know how to do this? Additionally, does anyone know how to add a frame on top of posters?
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