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  1. I'm having the same issue. I used the one Andrius sent and it seemed to work, but I can't tell since I'm still on the trial and some of the URL requests don't work normally as a live page. Problem: I can't tell since it's the trial, but I might be getting a two page loads. Here's my folder structure: Folder Link Page 1 Page 2 ... Here's what I think is happening: 1. Click on folder and loads first page content. In this case it is a link 2. Makes a second URL request since it's a link 3. Loads desired page. Again, I can't tell if this is what would happen on a paid version, but I'm inconsistently getting two requests by clicking on the folder link. Hack: Couldn't we also set up a redirect from the folder's URL to the desired page/index we want the folder to go to?
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