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  1. Heya, Having an issue that I'm unable to fix with the given design tools. My nav bar at the top of the page is comically large in mobile, especially in horizontal mode (no issue on desktop). Squarespace have escalated but in the mean time are unable to help Is there anyway I can restrict the header size in mobile with CSS? the website is https://www.urbanfoxescollective.com/
  2. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCHHHH!!!!!! You're a life saver
  3. Site URL: https://www.wealthihernetwork.com/the-lessons-1 Heya, So i'm designing a website for a client and i'd like certain pages to have an individual colour scheme, i intend to that by changing the colour of the header and footer. Could anyone help me with the CSS code? Thank you!
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