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  1. @MarieMF - How do you work around that? Are you doing it through email? I've been thinking about either finding another platform all together, or attaching a link that would take them to a functioning order option. I'm pretty disappointed in the product platform on Squarespace. I built all of my products and realized that it forced shipping and didn't allow me to change the category, so I had to rebuild everything as a service. The other frustration is SS requires a billing address, even though the only payment option I have is paypal. It's unnecessary. I also can't see the Venmo option anywhere. I'm getting close to quitting Squarespace.
  2. I'm also having the same issue. I own a market farm and I'm trying create an online store for ordering produce each week to be picked up at our farm. The problem is many of our customers like to pay with cash or check. I really want to bypass the paypal option and allow the order to be submitted so we can get away from email orders and take advantage of stock count down and streamline ordering. I'm afraid I'll have to stop using Squarespace if I can't figure it out. Any suggestions? My URL is 4SeasonFarms.com/available-produce. Thanks
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