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  1. Thanks for this code! I was able to add another line/description text to my portfolio template. However, they are the same size font. I tried to target the innertext to change the font style but with no luck. Ideas? https://www.swayleadership.com/meet-our-team
  2. I am having the same problem. Everything is defaulting to a my dark blue.
  3. Site URL: https://www.yogaanimalrights.org/ Hello, Crossing my fingers someone has a solution for this. I am sending an automated drip email campaign. Once someone purchases a product they will receive several emails as educational content. However, I am running into the issue of timing. I can select if they should receive the emails immediately, one day later, two days later, etc. but I can't select the time of day. Squarespace said that automated emails will be sent in 24 hour increments. But I'd like to send the following emails in the morning. Most importantly, if some makes a purchase at night, I don't want the following drip emails to always be sent in the middle of the night. Squarespace recommended that I reach out to the forum community for some custom code. Can anyone help with this? Thanks!
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