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  1. Site URL: https://cello-seahorse-fw8x.squarespace.com/config/ I am setting up our art gallery's website and when using a gallery grid, or any grid, I cannot create a caption. When I click to manage the gallery images it offers the "add a description" but there is no save button and when I click back on it it's gone. In addition, unlike adding an images section there is no option to place a caption under the image. I'm only using gallery grid for the convenience of creating rows that are aligned and formatted. Also, adding images using an images section gives me the option to use the "Dark Overlay" theme for lightbox, I prefer this but I don't have that option with gallery grid, on a desktop once an image is clicked the background bleeds through a white translucent lightbox which doesn't look good. Click on artist page Agapito Labios as an example of my issues. Compare that with the Bob Franklin page (alphabetized by first name under Featured Artists) which is how I prefer (captions and dark overlay lightbox) it but it's much harder to align and format this way because I have to add individual images and resizing them is a pain because when I shrink one image the other gets larger as a result etc. I did get custom code to reduce the space between images and captions as seen in the Bob Franklin page and that helped. If possible I need both captions and the ability to have the dark overlay theme for lightbox. Thanks! Password to view: TXsouth61
  2. The lightbox default for images in any gallery block is a white translucent background. As I'm showing off artwork it works better with a solid black background. But I would like to have the same black background in a gallery block's lightbox function since it's much easier to manage rows of images. I have to resort to adding image blocks one by one which is much harder to arrange and make a neat clean row but allows for a lightbox with a black background.
  3. When I switch it to header and adjust the line height it helps some but there is still a little more spacing as I'd like. In addition it changes it to the script Header font, although I'm sure I could get some custom code but it would have to be uniform on all images of paintings within each project page. I have saved it so you could see. Just use the same link above. You'll see the middle painting Rosa's Work Box has the edit. Thanks!
  4. Thanks! https://cello-seahorse-fw8x.squarespace.com/config/settings/site-visibility pw: TXsouth61
  5. How do I share my site with you? My page is under construction and I haven't switched domains yet. Do I provide log in info?
  6. I am setting up the website for our art gallery and there is too much space between images and the captions which provide art titles and cost of each piece. I only have the choice of changing between Header and Paragraph and under Fonts it only makes global changes to font size, no change to spacing. I've gone Fonts - Advanced, and messed around with the parameters but none seem to affect it. I would need to do this with each project (artist page) I have set up under Portfolio (Main Artist Navigation Page). Thanks in advance!
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