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  1. At present it seems to be the body copy font that shows up on homepage. So I am looking for the title to be in H1 and the excerpt to be the body copy font...
  2. Hey, I need H1 font to be the blog title style on all pages across site - homepage, blog list page and blog post. Thank you!
  3. Hey, Thanks for replying - I'm brand new to Squarespace so I appreciate your help! So in this screen shot it says no <h> tag on post titles on blog pages - but can I use one? I need Header 1 in all blog titles site-wide! Thanks again!
  4. Hello, I have a question on this topic too. I am working on Rally in Brine also, and I want the blog titles to be in Montserrat and blog body font in Baskerville URW, and for them to show up on the home page as such. I copied the code above and it changes in the actual blog post but not site-wide. Can you help?! Thank you!
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