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  1. @cenk To wrap Squarespace content do like this, start one Code Block and type <div id="Bio"> <div id="BioWrapper"> Then inserts normal Squarespace blocks, at the end insert another Code Block to close your divs: </div></div> Bah, tried now, it isn’t working. I think it can be done with JavaScript like: var mytext = "<div id="Bio"><div id="BioWrapper">"; document.write(mytext); But at the moment any JavaScript I write in a Code Block is stripped into pieces, I musk ask why.
  2. Hi Well the good news is that somehow it can be done (see here) The bad news is that it may require a bit of experience to figure out how to do it. I didn't exploredtoo much the possibilities so i'm afraid i cannot give you more details on this subject. Good luck
  3. Yes is exactly the same. set your background image like this Bio { background-image:(your image url)} add a # you may also need this line background-position:center;
  4. Answer is here http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/2874/replace-logo-image-per-page
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