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  1. Hi TuanPhan! Non sadly... I tried some coding but no luck. I try to explain with some picture examples. First Picture Social link bar : - Icons must be yellow when hover over Footer has unnecessary space between subscribe and "destours records playlist" link. Second Picture All the links to extern pages has a underline over it -> no underline for links When hovering over the link it turns yellow (thats good!) but stil has a underline -> no underline when hovering over links Third Pictures This "head" type : No need for underline
  2. Hello TuanPhan! Thank you! For point / question nr2 : hover, underline will disappear or change color? Please, no underlining standard and when hovering over it. Only change color to the yellow. Same as the menu above in the header. BTW if I copy paste your CODE. nothing happen? Did I do something wrong? The code in the design / css box is this : .Header, .Mobile { width: 100%; /* for IE and Edge */ position: fixed; /* for IE and Edge */ position: -webkit-sticky; /* For Safari 6.1+ */ position: sticky; /* Latest browsers */ top: 0; z-inde
  3. Site URL: https://destoursrecords.squarespace.com Hi everybody, First of all I hope you all are save and good with this covid-19 virus raging around the world. I'm far from beeing a coder/website builder but i'm trying with the experience and resources I have to build a website for music label. And I would like to adapt the standard Brine / WAV template but i'm running in some problems that I tried to fix with some CSS code... but it maked it more worse then better. So I'm asking your help guys. SITE : https://destoursrecords.squarespace.com PASS : destours2020 So
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