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  1. Thank you - I entered that code as you instructed on this page: http://www.noelwork.org/visualizing-ideas But the page has the same problem - none of the content is showing.
  2. Thank you, but I don't see a "Header" category to click - only these categories (see screen cap below):
  3. Good morning! I duplicated my site, and then tried out the code mentioned above: .header-nav-item a:hover { color: red !important; } However, doing that did break three of my pages. Unfortunately, I tried it on both the main site, and also on the duplicated version of the site. Please help! I just want to undo it now, and delete that code. Here is my site: http://www.noelwork.org/ And here are the three pages it broke - that is, the pages come up, but none of the content: http://www.noelwork.org/visualizing-ideas http://www.noelwork.org/reaching-audienc
  4. Thanks so much for the tip on how to duplicate my site so I can try ideas out before going live! Much appreciated!!!
  5. I have created a site in Squarespace - http://www.noelwork.org/ but consider myself an intermediate user, in that I've only used the templates so far - haven't tried to inject any Custom CSS. But I want to make my navigation have some effects, like the one referenced above. I was going to enter it on my site, but see the warning: Warning: Adding custom CSS to your site can break your design. Please use caution when using this feature. Our support team will be limited in their ability to help you with design related issues if you have custom CSS. So I'
  6. Greetings! It's my first post here. I am creating a site using the Wells template. Does anyone know how to have all sidebar menu links show on mobile devices? Note: they display perfectly on desktop. But on mobile, only the single word "Menu" appears. I'm seeking to have all my menu links appear (Visualizing Stories, Reaching Audiences, etc etc) - instead of just that one word, Menu. Thanks in advance!!
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