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  1. Thank you! However, I think my question is different. Let me see if I can rephrase to express it better. I don't want to change either of my two existing 7.0 sites; I'd like to leave them exactly as is. I'd just like to build a third, new site - in 7.1. It appears the response above has to do with changing a site from 7.0 to 7.1. So I'm wondering - in Squarespace, do ALL of the sites under one's login have to be either all 7.0, or all 7.1? Or, can there be a mix of 7.0 and 7.1 sites under your one login? Thanks so much!!
  2. I have two existing 7.0 Squarespace sites. I want to create a new site in 7.1. My question: Can I maintain sites in both versions of Squarespace under my one Squarespace login/account? Or - is it like software, where you have to “upgrade the software” from 7.0 to 7.1 – making it an either/or choice? Thanks so much!
  3. Thank you PixelForge and tommiatke for your suggestions - unfortunately my Squarespace site with a homepage looping background video (on Vimeo) still starts out fuzzy every time. This could be a deal-breaker for my client. Squarespace tech folks, please chip in on a solution!
  4. OK - thank you so much for your quick response. Much appreciated guidance!
  5. Hi paul2009, A question! I am working for a firm that has an existing Squarespace site. I am creating a new Squarespace site using another template - just restarting everything from scratch. We would like to move the domain from the existing site over to the new one that is being worked on. And then we want to either delete or, preferably, just take the old site offline and have it not occupy that domain any more. I see the note above that says: "When you are ready to go live, you’ll need to: start a new subscription plan for the new site, and cancel the old subscription. " So here's my question. The existing site is paid for until August 10, 2021. Since it still has time on its meter, so to speak, is there a way to just transfer the existing domain to my new Squarespace site, without making any alteration to the subscription plan? It would seem like a one-to-one exchange - just switching our plan from an old site to a new one, but still just having one site in the end. If you can help me understand this process, that would be so helpful. Thanks!
  6. Thank you - I entered that code as you instructed on this page: http://www.noelwork.org/visualizing-ideas But the page has the same problem - none of the content is showing.
  7. Thank you, but I don't see a "Header" category to click - only these categories (see screen cap below):
  8. Good morning! I duplicated my site, and then tried out the code mentioned above: .header-nav-item a:hover { color: red !important; } However, doing that did break three of my pages. Unfortunately, I tried it on both the main site, and also on the duplicated version of the site. Please help! I just want to undo it now, and delete that code. Here is my site: http://www.noelwork.org/ And here are the three pages it broke - that is, the pages come up, but none of the content: http://www.noelwork.org/visualizing-ideas http://www.noelwork.org/reaching-audiences http://www.noelwork.org/winning-opportunities
  9. Thanks so much for the tip on how to duplicate my site so I can try ideas out before going live! Much appreciated!!!
  10. I have created a site in Squarespace - http://www.noelwork.org/ but consider myself an intermediate user, in that I've only used the templates so far - haven't tried to inject any Custom CSS. But I want to make my navigation have some effects, like the one referenced above. I was going to enter it on my site, but see the warning: Warning: Adding custom CSS to your site can break your design. Please use caution when using this feature. Our support team will be limited in their ability to help you with design related issues if you have custom CSS. So I'm nervous - is there a way to enter CSS like above and preview/try it? Can I back up my whole site first, in case it breaks it? Open to any advice. Want to do more cool stuff, but don't want to ruin it in advance of a job I'm applying for Monday. Thanks so much in advance!
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