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  1. Hi, Just wondered if anyone can recommend a solution to allow clients to check the availability of a property on Squarespace and to take the payment, I can see the scheduling tool but I believe that I need it to do more than that e.g 1. client to look at a calendar months ahead to see when its available 2. clients picks a week 3. Confirm 4. Pay - Paypal ? 5. Send the client a notification 6. Update the calendar to say booked. Happy to pay for a third party product, I have also been told that I would need a ical feed to be able to sync multiple site Thanks
  2. Hi, I have created my website with a booking page its for a cottage where clients can book the period they want and pay, all works well. The property is also advertised on another third party website which also takes booking on my behalf. I need to sync the two site so that the availability is seen across both sites, the the third part say that I need a ical feed from squarespace, is this possible and how do I do that? Any help as always much appreciated 🙂 Thanks
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