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  1. Site URL: https://circle-broccoli-e8wk.squarespace.com/ Hi lovely community, I'm having trouble with a client site - it seems just like a glitch but perhaps there's a logical reason why I'm having this issue. I've created 3 x projects, and am able to reshuffle the order of them, but it seems that whichever one is last doesn't get linked to. So, Project One only links forward, and Project Two only links back. Ideally, I'd like all three projects to link both forwards and back. Any ideas? Many thanks, Laura Project password: Truman
  2. Site URL: https://circle-broccoli-e8wk.squarespace.com/ Hi, I'm looking to create a text link in my 7.1 site that opens an image in a lightbox. Is this possible? Also looking to add a hover state to other images on the site (ie. having a different image display upon mouseover). Though maybe I should open another ticket for that... Thank you!
  3. Does anyone else have any ideas for this? I'm a little stuck 🙈 Thanks in advance!
  4. This code sounds like exactly what I'm looking for but for a 7.0 site using Brine. Again - it's only for one page: http://laurastoker.co.uk/design-jargon-az I want the A-Z to be sticky to the top. Any ideas @tuanphan? 🙏
  5. Thanks @tuanphan! I meant more as alt text would display - so, the text to sit with wherever the cursor was. Does that make sense?
  6. Site URL: https://www.kollectify.com/ Hello lovely Squarespace folk, I've been asked to add the word 'home' upon hover of the site logo, but can't find a way of doing this - any ideas? The site URL I've included is of a similar client site I've worked on, rather than the site in question (as it's not yet live), but both are built in 7.1. Looking forward to your help and advice 🙂 Many thanks, Laura
  7. Eeeee I think I've got it! .burger-box, .burger-inner { display: none; } .burger::after { content: "MENU"; } .burger--active::after { content: "CLOSE"; } ??
  8. Wow thanks so much for your speedy reply! I'm trying to add in your 'X' when it's active, too. I'm not sure where to put that piece of code, though.
  9. Hi @tuanphan @christyprice 👋 Squarespace designer here with the most basic understanding of code 🙈 Would someone mind pasting this code in with the .burger-box in the correct place? I'm fiddling around and can't seem to be able to get this to work. Thanks for your help and generosity!
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