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  1. Hi tuanphan, Thank you for your response 🙂 Yes, that is correct. I want to replace the text "Cart" with my own icon/png.
  2. Site URL: https://orbitcoffee.squarespace.com/ Hi, On my site, the nav consists of "Beans, Roasters, About Us" and the cart which is not coupled with the nav. Just wanted to know if this was possible, I am trying to replace the "stock" cart icon and " other available cart icons offered by the template with my very own icon that I have a url to. I am using: Version 7.0-Brine family(Brine Timeplate) I have uploaded my custom icon/image into Design > Custom CSS > Manage Custom Files which gives me a url, lets say this is https://examplepic.png I have tried setting custom CS
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