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  1. no worries, thanks again for your help!
  2. Site URL: http://wilddesertcreations.com I am needing help on making a certain category show up when you click a page for example: when customers click my shop page, i would like a certain catergory to show up first instead of the one i have now ( im guess its showing first since its alphabetized) can anyone help please? site password is: friday2020
  3. is there any way to make it show the pre-order when they click shop? it automatically goes to ALL
  4. the password is: friday2020 i would like the the shop categories to be in this order: Pre-Order, Tees, Sale, All https://www.wilddesertcreations.com/
  5. Site URL: http://wilddesertcreations.com hello, i am trying to get my categories to show up on my website NOT ALPHABETIZED , i am using the template Alameda..is there coding i could use to rearrange them?
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