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  1. Hi Derrickrandom, Thank you for your reply. I have already registered a domain with Squarespace. I also spoke to them directly and they have answered my question; they said the '.squarespace' part of my URL is only visible when I'm in edit mode. All other times it will read as I want to. Thanks once again. CharlieBrown
  2. Hi Derrickrandom, Thanks for getting back to me. I've done that too, and the option just isn't there! Under Account and Security all I have is: Account ID Login Provider Two-step Authentication Account Recovery Login Activity App Passwords Connected Apps. The only place it has my email address is directly under my icon but it won't let me click on it.
  3. Hi Owenkinross, Thanks for replying. I've already tried that but it doesn't even give me the option to change my email address!
  4. Me again!😆 I have changed my email address so can someone please tell me how I change it on my Squarespace account? Many thanks. CharlieBrown
  5. Hi, Can anyone please tell me how I remove the .Squarespace from my URL slug? At the moment it reads '(my website).squarespace.com' but I just want it to say '(my website).com.' (I'm not 'live' at the moment but will be soon). Many thanks. CharlieBrown
  6. Hi, I'm looking to generate a privacy policy with TermsFeed as I'd like users to be able to subscribe to email campaigns, but I don't know what email platform Squarespace uses. Can someone please tell me what platform is used, or how to find this information? Many thanks. CharlieBrown
  7. Thank you, tuanphan, but I managed to get it sorted. It was a media banner! Removed it very easily. LOL. Thanks for replying.
  8. Hi, Can anyone tell me why there is now a grey 'intro' bar along the top of my home page? I did not add one, nor do I know why it suddenly appeared. Can someone also tell me how to get rid of it please as I don't really want to have to re-do my entire page!! Thanks. CharlieBrown
  9. For those of you who are interested, I contacted Squarespace directly and membership/sign-up prompts are not currently something that is possible yet.
  10. For those of you who are interested, I contacted Squarespace directly and paywalls are not currently something that is possible yet.
  11. For those of you who are interested, I contacted Squarespace directly and forums are not currently something that is possible yet. Fingers crossed they will reconsider this some time soon.
  12. Thanks for the info, christyprice. I wanted to know a bit more about this too so i'll check out your blogs.
  13. Thanks for your input. I have decided to go with Termsfeed as they seem to be pretty good as far as free cookie, privacy policies, etc. go.
  14. Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to add a forum to the Rally template 7.1? Many thanks.
  15. Hi, I'd like to create an incentive for visitors to sign up to a membership by fading out certain sections of my webpage. Does anyone know how this can be done? I'm using the Rally template 7.1 Many thanks.
  16. Hi, I'd like to create an incentive for visitors to sign up to a membership in order to gain full-access to my site. I want to do this by blanking out sections of certain pages (does anyone know how to do this?), and offering special features that will only be available by signing up. Does any one know how I would go about adding this membership feature to my site please? Many thanks.
  17. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has used www.termsfeed.com to generate their cookie/privacy,terms and conditions policy. Are they worth the cost? Would appreciate your opinion. Thanks.
  18. Hi, Can anyone tell me if I can set up a way for users to manage their cookie preferences from a page on my website please? Thanks.
  19. That's great, thank you very much, srodrigues.😊 I was wondering though, the list Squarespace have on that link are all of the cookies they use, but I am creating a blogging website, so no carts, etc. So, is there a way I can find out exactly what cookies I myself use, via Squarespace? Many thanks.
  20. Hi, I'm just trying to write my Cookie Policy (I'm in the U.K) but how do I find out exactly what cookies my website uses? I know about the third-party cookies for Squarespace Analytics, but that's it, so a little help would be appreciated! Thanks.
  21. (Told you I'd be posting a question again!😂) Thanks...again!😂😂 In its private state, the comments box is not showing the option for name/avatar so will all this automatically appear when my website is live as long as my settings are correct? (I am using the Rally template, v.7.0)
  22. Hi, I'd like to add a comments section to parts of my website. Although the need for this will hopefully be very unlikely, how would I moderate them if there were any inappropriate comments made by users? Can I easily delete them, and is there a way to 'ban' certain individuals from commenting if they are persistently inappropriate? Thanks.
  23. Hi, Just wondering, once you've published your site, how easy is it to unpublish it for major re-works or redundancy?! Thanks.
  24. Ok, thank you. I dare say I'll be asking for your help again soon!!😂😂
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