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  1. Thanks Chris, when I change it to 300w it's goes back to the left. Could you kindly send me the code including the smaller logo size? Thank you so much
  2. Hi Chris, Amazing thanks - that has worked however, is there a way to centre the logo? It's showing on the left right now. Many thanks
  3. Site URL: https://www.kinship-press.com Hello, I want to display two different images for the same product: one image on my shop homepage (where all my products are shown) and then a different image (a slightly different shot of the same product) on the individual product page. How can I do this? When I upload two different shots, they end up both showing on the individual product page. Incase it's easier to understand - I sell personalised flower e-cards... on the main shop page I want to show the e-cards showing a personalised message example but then on the individual e-card pages I just want to show the flower design without the personalised message. Thanks, Alice
  4. Site URL: https://www.kinship-press.com Hello, I want to be able to centre my recommended products title "You Might Also Like..." and chance it to either header 1 or 2 (as I have a custom font applied to these) but it seems permanently stuck on header 2. What can I do to customise it? Many thanks, Alice
  5. Hi Chris, Thanks very much for getting back to me. How do I change the colour so that it shows up? Many thanks, Alice
  6. Site URL: https://www.kinship-press.com Hi, I am trying to add my logo to order emails. I have tried the code in this thread: but my logo won't display after I add my logo URL after the img src= instead it just comes up with a broken image and "Example logo". What am I doing wrong? Specifically, what parts of the custom code advised in that thread do I add my logo URL into? Many thanks!
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