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  1. What I don't understand is that it is listed in the SHOP add product section, but when you add it it doesn't show up as a product. Super frustrating, it also automatically goes up under my main navigation, which is annoying as it shows up in my menu right away before building!
  2. @tuanphan Thanks for the response. Yes that is the desktop version, so text isn't readable. The mobile version on Squarespace looks like this. So, all text is readable. I don't understand why it works when looking at the page under my 1st domain, but in the new forwarded domain it only shows up as desktop version. Can you help as it all launches tomorrow and I really don't want to use the first domain name, but might have to as I can't solve this. Thanks, Jules
  3. I created a sales landing page for a new project on my site, www.thinkwiththings.com. I added code to hide the header and footer and did web forwarding to connect it to a new domain name. www.thingslab.app. It looks great under my original domain name on mobile, but when using the web-forwarded domain, the mobile version shows the desktop version. (so all text is unreadable) This is the page under my site https://www.thinkwiththings.com/thingslab-app this is how it looks in the new domain https://www.thingslab.app/ on desktop both are fine, only mobile is bad. I added this additional code: <script type="text/javascript"> if (screen.width <= 767) {document.location = "https://www.thinkwiththings.com/thingslab-app";} </script> But then nothing shows up at all on mobile?!?!?!? The code I have in the Page Header Injection works great to hide the header and footer, but like I said when I add the other it all disappears. I have tried only to add the above and it still shows nothing: <style> #header { display:none } </style> <style> .header, #footer-sections{ display:none !important; } </style>
  4. No, actually nothing comes on the screen at all. When I removed the code it worked again, but again was small like the desktop version.
  5. @tuanphan sorry, so this is super late as was away on business. I tried the code but now it doesn't come up at all on mobile??
  6. Yes, it does redirect to that page, and the URL is hidden, so it shows www.thingslab.app, but on mobile, it remains the desktop version and is not responsive. Is it fine when I am not web forwarding? Makes no sense.
  7. I am also having this problem. I created a sales landing page for a new project, and I did webforwarding to connect it to a new domain name. It looks great when under my original domain name on mobile, but when using the web-forwarded domain, the mobile version shows the desktop version. (so all text is unreadable) https://www.thinkwiththings.com/thingslab-app the new domain is https://www.thingslab.app/ on desktop both are fine, only mobile is bad.
  8. I am having this problem as well and in 7.1 I do not see anywhere to change the Page Banner: Overlay Color I have tried relaoding the video and checking all the colour settings and still looks washed out. https://www.bothygardens.com/ (video is of flowers halfway down the homepage) Hope someone can help Jules
  9. Ok, wow! That worked, sorry for being so complicated. I thought I had done it correctly, but only point to the link not the file, so working now. Thank you so much for your help. I will read back and see if I can add a unique description but for now it is what I needed. Thanks!
  10. Paid business plan, but had a password until this morning
  11. @creedon Hi, I am launching my site tomorrow and would really love to have these category titles showing up. I am not sure what I am missing. I followed all the steps, except I have searched everywhere about if I have to change something in the code and have tried a few things, but nothing works. Can you take a look at it? www.turtlewings.co.uk (password until tomorrow Turtledreams
  12. Ok, thanks for all of that. I feel like I have done it all correctly, but I still don't see anything, looking in a private viewing. Maybe there is a piece of code I have to change? Sorry absolute newbie here.
  13. Yes, Sorry, I wrote it wrong it is within a blog, but I am using it to highlight projects. I have the list on the project page of the different categories of projects I have done and when you click on Education for instance you go here https://turtlewings.co.uk/all-projects/category/Education and I would like it to have the category title Education centred on the page, so they know where they went to. If I could also have a short description of the category page that would also be great. I will check out the filter, but it is really the category page from the blog posts that I want to add a title to. I hope this makes more since.
  14. Hi, @creedon I have found your responses to questions like this all over forums, but I still can't seem to make it work. I think this is because I am trying to do it in my project page, not blog or shop. I tried to change certain words in the code, but I am missing something. I would like at least the category name to show up on the summary project page when they click on it, at most, I would love a description, but let's see. Feels like this should just be a toggle button somewhere since everyone wants this option. 🙂 Here is my page the site will be live on Tuesday next week, for now, it has a password. Turtledreams
  15. Same question! We have a instore pick up delivery option and need a cash on pick up payment option
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