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  1. I have a second store setup for members only. It is not a product but an investment so when they select the type of investment (barrel investment) and "add to cart" I need it to redirect to a different site (jotform) to authorize a bank transfer. If there is a better way, perhaps allowing them to add the "item/investment" to the cart and once they click "checkout" it will redirect them. I added the available barrels as a service. Any suggestions?
  2. Now that the entire world has changed and people pick up, curbside service and use shipping we need a way to customize the fulfilled order email. Please advise.
  3. Can you help me with the way you did this? EDIT: So I have figured out one can add Product Blocks to a separate product's Additional Details section. I have the Product Block only showing an Add To Cart button. It's a tad clunky but it's a workaround. If there's an even better way, I'm all ears!
  4. @paul2009 members area allows for anyone to access the site. We need to pre-qualify the person before entering the site. At this point you are only allowed to password protect "a page". We have a wholesale page and I have a work around but it's convoluted at best. It's clumsy and really is not locked down. For now, they fill out the wholesale form. Once the email is received they receive the link to access the hidden page along with password. One password for everyone. If we need to change the password, I will have to notify everyone. It's not "personal account". I have to look for another option. I was so excited to see the members area and immediately signed up and purchased the license. After implementing it, I was disappointed. SO CLOSE.
  5. We are trying to create a restricted access for "members only", "wholesale customer", "investors" etc. I initially thought that the members area would work great but it's really not a members, it's more like a subscription page for general public. I'm using a previous work around to create a form page, the potential customer would fill that out, the email is sent to our office. If approved we have to send them the password and link to a hidden page. The problem is everyone has the password and can share it. It needs to be based on a customers account and access to certain pages. This seems really straightforward and necessary. Does anyone have any ideas.
  6. I want to offer free shipping when you purchase 2 items. Tech support suggested I create a discount code based on the product category. But there is no way to make sure they buy 2 items. This system is super old school and needs to come up to speed. Does anyone have any suggestions? Other than switching which is the next option.
  7. I can not believe they do not offer a shipping per item. It seems squarespace wants to conduct business the old school way, the way business is done pre covid. There must be options.
  8. Site URL: https://www.eoddistillery.com/shop We have items (alcohol) that can not be shipped in NC; we also have merchandise that can. How can we eliminate the option of shipping? I setup a in-store pick up but it still gives the option of both shipping and pickup.
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