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  1. Thanks Tuanphan! Here's the mobile version: https://saintly-temp.squarespace.com/without-text-mobile And here's the browser version: https://saintly-temp.squarespace.com/without-text Thanks again for the help! Also (and I'm so sorry to bother you with this but I really need to wrap this thing up asap) I posted a follow up question here, if you could help out that would be amazing!!!
  2. That's perfect, thank you! How do you change the padding around the newsletter form so it's narrower? And can you make that 'cell' have a white background? Thanks, Patrick https://saintly-temp.squarespace.com/without-text
  3. Site URL: https://saintly-temp.squarespace.com/ Hello, Is it possible to have a different background video on the mobile version from the browser version? Any help would be great! Thanks, Patrick
  4. Site URL: https://saintly-temp.squarespace.com/without-text Hello, The newsletter block is a little bulky. I'd like to: 1. Diminish the spacing above and bellow the block. and 2. Make the text field and button smaller. Any help would be great as I don't fully get the new squarespace yet. Thanks! Patrick
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