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  1. Ah I know what I did - I added spacers either side of the right hand column content which upset it. Sorted! You're a star.
  2. Ok yes! Just removed the stuff from the CSS and added your code injection / header code. The buttons now sit with the meta data on the left 💪!! One issue now is that the body content isn't showing unless I'm in edit mode. Is that something I've done / we can remedy? Thanks again!! Screenshots to show edit / back stage / published site
  3. Hey - I did something different temporarily as my client needed some events live by Weds this week. The plan is to go ahead with the design I showed you with the meta info on the left. I did try your code before making any edits to the meta info this week, but it didn't change the position of the buttons. I was a bit confused by your instruction as you said to put the second long bit of code in the blog settings, when this is an event? Could you clarify where to enter that code? Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it 🙂 Katie
  4. Hi Creedon, Thanks so much for this - I tried it out & didn't get a change. Just want to make sure I've understood right - the 2nd piece of code - this is an event page not a blog, so should the longer bit of code go on blog settings (if so, where on the site?) or should it go on my event page settings? I have tried adding this to Events > Advanced > Page Header Code Injection but it didn't make a change either... Katie
  5. Hi Creedon, Thanks for your questions. I've checked in with my client & they are happy to upgrade to a business plan, so we can make javascript customisations. Each event will have either 1 or 2 buttons. The linked URLs will be different for each event. For smaller events it will be a "book now" button that links out to Eventbrite, and for longer programmes it'll be 1x sign up button (linking to a page on the squarespace site), 1x download brochure button (linking to a file hosted on the squarespace site). Your solution sounds good! I'm so grateful for any help / advice in making this happen. Katie
  6. Sorry @tuanphan - another question! The code above ended up changing how all of my image blocks look on mobile (I've temporarily taken the text out of the image block to avoid this happening, screenshot of how it was appearing attached). Is there a way of applying this reduced margin to specific image block formats? I would like this margin to be reduce on "collages" only (ie. not images and captions formatted as 'stack', 'overlap' 'cards' and so on). Is this possible?
  7. Thank you so much - you're amazing, as ever! The person I'm working with has slightly changed their mind about the Event Item page. Do you know if it's possible to add 2 buttons to the meta data section on the left that I have made white? I've attached a screenshot to help explain what I mean. https://iguana-hexaflexagon-3ca4.squarespace.com/current-programmes/event-one-9g33a
  8. Site URL: https://iguana-hexaflexagon-3ca4.squarespace.com/current-programmes Hello, I'm trying to customise the style of the events summary on this site, and the events pages themselves. 1. On the summary, I'd like to make the following style changes for all events: Increase the size of the title text (the custom font) Align the text to the centre of the image Change the 'learn more' link to a button 2. On all the individual events pages, I'd like to move the back link, event title & metadata to be centred above the body copy. Is this possible? Any help so appreciated! Thank you, Katie
  9. Site URL: http://www.emmaashrujones.com Hiya, I'm using collage image blocks to format testimonials on this site: https://www.emmaashrujones.com/coaching They're looking great on desktop, but on mobile, it looks like the client is peeking out over the text card. Is there a way to reduce the [vertical] overlap on mobile? Thank you! 😺
  10. I think, having tried to change the colour of the font in illustrator, it's a feature of the font that it cannot be changed colour. So I'll go with something else!!
  11. Thanks so much for your reply, I'm afraid that didn't work. Here's a screenshot. It's the brush / handwriting font that's in black in the image. The colour changes for squarespace fonts, but not for my custom one.
  12. Site URL: https://radish-sprout-t3xs.squarespace.com/home-2 Hiya, I've uploaded a custom font to a website I'm building, but can't seem to change the font colour. I've tried using the word "white" and the hex code "#ffffff", and add an !important tag, but nothing seems to make a difference. I want the font to appear white on the banner and in subsequent sections. This is the CSS I've used: // ADDING BRUSH FONT // @font-face { font-family: 'brush'; src: url('https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5d4855187a18e200010af1aa/t/5f83fa45f3350a0e266c8699/1602484850032/Wild-Irish-Rose.otf'); } // ASSIGN BRUSH FONT // h1 { font-family: brush; font-size: 80px; color: white !important; } Thank you so much in advance!! Katie
  13. My client just realised we had the same issue - so glad to find this solution already on the same thread. Thanks again...
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