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  1. Hi @tuanphan! I inputted the above code into a code block at the bottom of my first page, but unfortunately the scroll down arrow appears at the top of the screen, and it stays fixed there when I scroll up and down, going above all the content it passes over. Is there any way you could slightly modify the code to make the "arrow" appear at the position where you input the code block, without moving when you scroll and without appearing at the header of the website? I hope this makes sense! Thank you so much in advance.
  2. Hey! I'm launching my site today or tomorrow, and for some reason I just noticed that the background of my mobile navigation menu has turned transparent on every page. As I have the bg matching each page's background color, it doesn't work for me to just make it one color through CSS. Attaching screenshots. Thank you so much!
  3. This has been bugging me for a few days now as it doesn't make any sense: I try to insert this image below, which is just a blue dot on a white background (it's not transparent; the background is there properly). However, if I choose a different image format other than 'inline', it deletes the image background and just displays the blue dot on a random gray background? This happens with all other image formats: Poster, Card, etc. I literally can't see any reason for it to be deleting the background so I would really appreciate any kind of help!
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